Getting Publicity for your Website

Granted that it’s not free, but when/if you grow your web site enough and you have a story you feel would be relevant to people beyond yourself, close friends and relatives, if you want to attract media attention, press releases are a great way to go.

We recently posted our first press release:
on two different PR platforms: PRWeb and PRLeap.

PRWeb was pricier ($80 per release, the cheapest option) and has gotten us a little more mileage (it made it to the first page of Google results, spot #3, when you search for “tudiabetes”). The user interface was a little clunkier, but their support is super-fast, plus your items get checked (and if OK, approved) real fast.

PRLeap was less expensive ($60 per release, which included a bunch of cool things, including #2 spot on their home page, at least for today). The user interface was a little clearer though their documentation could use a little clarification and their approval process takes a bit longer (hours as opposed to PRWeb’s minutes).

You get what you pay for, indeed. :)

I will be sharing additional tips and learnings in the coming weeks as I see them working (or not). I am learning as I go about the great big world of public relations.

On a side note:
Any media people around that would be interested in covering us? :)