Genesis covers in an age of connectivity

I am longtime fan pre-1980 Genesis, specially their classic period with Peter Gabriel at the helm and their “four-man era“. So needless to say I was caught when I landed upon this incredible collaboration between guys that are fans like myself, but who have individually mastered a musical instrument and decided to collaborate remotely to do covers of Genesis classics.

They call themselves the iGenesis Project:

The iGenesis Project believes that in an age of ubiquitous broadband and affordable high-quality recording equipment, there is no need for geography to limit the ability of musicians to work together.

Here they are covering “One For The Vine” from the band’s last album with Steve Hackett:

Peter Gabriel in Berkeley (2 videos and my 2 cents)

Last night was a great night. It was the third time in my life I had the chance of seeing Peter Gabriel, my favorite artist of all time, perform live. He delivered an incredible performance at the Greek Theater, by the hills behind UC Berkeley, accompanied by the New Blood Orchestra

A review about the concert bashes it saying:

Peter Gabriel has finally run out of new ideas.

I disagree completely. Anyone attending the concert expecting to see “classic” Gabriel in progressive rock mode was likely¬†disappointed. But anyone going with an open mind, ready to listen true reinterpretations of classic Gabriel songs alongside covers from his Scratch My Back album, was in for a treat!

One of the first songs, “Wallflower” was beyond gorgeous! Here’s the video I managed to capture of this moment with my phone:

Other highlights of the evening for me were “San Jacinto” and “Rhythm of the Heat” along with “Darkness”, “Digging In the Dirt” and “Red Rain” which I leave you with:

Topping the performances were Peter’s voice, which continues to be rock solid along, his storytelling preceding each song and his incredible character that never takes his audience or the musicians that accompany him for granted.

Thanks for an amazing evening, Peter!