WEGO Health sponsors Ning Plus Networks for Ning Health Networks

Yesterday, I met an email in my Inbox with a BIG smile! Just as Pearson came forward to underwrite educational networks on Ning, WEGO Health, a social network for Health Activists who are passionate about health conditions, announced an exciting option for health networks on Ning.

Under this partnership WEGO Health will provide health-related communities with Ning Plus service. Jack Barrette, CEO of WEGO Health said:

“Since its inception, WEGO Health has been dedicated to empowering Health Activists to lead active health conversation on the web. The health networks built on Ning are a powerful example of Health Activists at work, and we’re thrilled to be able to extend our mission through this sponsorship. We look forward to collaborating with health-focused Ning Network Creators to expand their reach and impact.”

If you want to learn more about the partnership, read the announcement on WEGO health or apply for a WEGO Health-sponsored Ning Plus package.

One thought on “WEGO Health sponsors Ning Plus Networks for Ning Health Networks

  1. The power of enabling individuals to communicate regarding their health conditions is in eliminating the isolation that many people can feel even with their loved ones because their family and friends cannot relate to the issues that those with medical conditions face. That said, more is required than simple communication tools. Individuals also need useful tools that facilitate the management of their condition and the sharing of select information with others. Together the combination can prove to be very effective.

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