Diabetes Social Media Summit 2010: my thoughts

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It’s been less than a year since the first Diabetes Social Media Summit took place. A lot of water has passed under the bridge (not even sure if that phrase exists in English, but you get the idea!)

This year, the summit took place in Orlando, book-ended by the ADA Scientific Sessions and the Children With Diabetes Friends for Life conferences. Also, in 2010, the number attendees grew and type 2 diabetes was represented by more bloggers too (Betizuka, Rachel Baumgartel and Bob, among them).

Naturally, getting to see so many great DOC friends in person was the biggest highlight of the event. Some of them, I’d had the honor of meeting in person before. Several, I met for the first time. ALL, it was amazing to see together, because the amazing flow of ideas and passion that takes over the room when you get so many amazing diabetes advocates together in one room is hard to parallel. To give you a feel for the day in images, I embedded a slideshow below that pulls pics submitted by all attendees to a Flickr pool created by Bernard Farrell.

In case you are curious about what Roche presented to us (this probably took about 30 minutes out of a half a day that the summit lasted, to give you perspective), Scott Strumello uploaded the Powerpoint slides we got from them and I have embedded them below:

The high point in the agenda was the participation of ADA and AADE in the summit. ADA brought a representation that included the current President, Richard Bergenstal Chief Scientific & Medical Officer, David M. Kendall (thanks to Riva Greenberg for spotting my booboo :D), a board member and representatives from communications, marketing and PR. ADA wanted to listen (they stated so in reply to an invitation from Roche to ask questions to the summit attendees) and I think the dialog that took place will be the starting point for lots of evolution in the way they interact with all diabetes patients in the coming months and years.

The tone of the exchange with AADE was different. We learned quite a bit from them, most importantly perhaps, that they are not the organization that is tasked with certifying diabetes educators. The attendees reiterated the commitment of the diabetes online community to support all efforts necessary to get more patients credentialed in order to support the increasing need for diabetes education in the US.

Dinner closed with a beautiful session where we exchanged best practices. The phrase that stuck with all of us came from Riva Greenberg:


So there you have it… my humble take on this year’s summit… because I know that a crowd of people can do so much more and so much better than a single individual, I recommend you mouse over the faces in the photo at the top. They are each linked to their corresponding blog or online community, so you can get a better rounded idea of what the Diabetes Social Media Summit was like this year.


Roche paid for my travel, meals and hotel expenses in connection to the summit. I stayed longer in Orlando to attend the ADA Scientific Sessions 2010, but Roche paid no expenses related to the rest of my time in Central Florida.


9 thoughts on “Diabetes Social Media Summit 2010: my thoughts

  1. SO great to see you again, Manny!!!! ((hugs))
    The Hat de Roche was a hit! New style and color next year? :-)

    As a community who Truly cares, we really can come together and help many. I love being a part of it. So amazing people out there.

  2. Manny, it was so great being able to sit with you during the sessions and dinner. You are such a passionate person, whether you are talking about diabetes or your family, and it is inspiring.

    Thanks for humoring me as I gushed about my kids.

  3. Manny,
    I was interested in this sentence from your post. I have facilitated a diabetes support group in small communities for over 20 years. I fully understand the need for another layer of qualified health informaiton for PWD. Is there already a credentialing program in place for patients? Can you provide more info? Thanks for the post!

    “The attendees reiterated the commitment of the diabetes online community to support all efforts necessary to get more patients credentialed in order to support the increasing need for diabetes education in the US”

    • The AADE talks briefly on their web site about the “Diabetes Community Health Worker”. But I cannot yet find how to get certified as one.

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  5. Manny: It was great to finally meet you in person! Looking forward to keeping more in touch, in whatever capacity works. I’m welcoming the chance to touch base on a few points that we didn’t get a chance to talk about while in Orlando, but in the meantime will look forward to reading your posts and keeping in touch generally through the DOC!

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