Want to IM? Meebo Is The Way

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In the past few years most of us have gotten to accumulate several IM accounts (in my case, I started with MSN and ICQ and eventually also signed up for AIM, Yahoo! IM, Skype and Google Talk), so keeping multiple IM clients installed on the computer dragged machine resources big time, among other annoyances. So I ended up settling on MSN and Skype at home and Jabber (configured to only chat with other people in the company) at work.

I’ve learned to love a relatively new web-based IM client that lets you connect to to all your IM networks from within the same umbrella. It’s called Meebo. For bloggers and other site owners, you can add a little widget (they call it Meebo Me) to your sidebars allowing folks to conveniently IM you.

And to top things off, in a very Wiki way, they are having armies of volunteers assist with the translation of the system messages to a ton of languages. It doesn’t get any cooler…

Gerald Ford Against The War

An embargoed Gerald Ford interview by Bob Woodward dating back to 2004, where the former U.S. President disagreed with the Iraq War has surfaced today, after his death two days ago. It is not without irony, considering part of his staff while he was President was the same surrounding Bush (Rumsfeld and Cheney were Ford’s White House chief of staff and Pentagon chief, respectively).

On a lighter note, I ran into this hilarious SNL skit recorded ten years ago, where Dana Carvey was impersonating Tom Brokaw doing a multitude of possible “just-in-case” breaking news announcements about Gerald Ford’s death, so that he could go off on a long vacation to Barbados without missing the “exclusive”.