Over and Out Until Jan. 6

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We are taking off today, to head up to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. My mother-in-law booked a timeshare there and we’re going to spend a week relaxing. I hope you also feel (like I did) that this photo of a whale’s tale going “down” is a good illustration of this concept. :)

I don’t plan on posting much during the next few days, so I want to bid the visitors of the blog a Happy New Year and leave you with a few links to serve as food for thought:
-What innovations does 2007 have in store (published in the L.A. Times)
-What did the Web leave us in 2006 (from fadtastic)
-What could we expect in terms of progress for diabetes in 2007 (by way of Orlando Pumpers)

What would you say 2006 left behind? What are your thoughts about what’s coming in 2007?