2006: The Year of Social Networks

After Time’s cover for Person of The Year acknowledging the control users now have in terms of publishing, storytelling and impacting others through the use of Web 2.0 tools, today I learned about the list of top Google searches in 2006.

Social Networking sites (in the UK and in the US) topped the list. With the exception of the world’s biggest sports event (the World Cup) and a Mexican telenovela, all the other top searches were in one way or another related to Web 2.0: Wikis, Video-centric sites and tools that empower users to generate and distribute content (whether streamed or in the form of a torrent).

This is not an editorial phenomenon where media are pushing a fad. Google search results reveal user intent to great extent. So the positioning of these top searches speaks volumes about what people are after these days.

Long live the social web!